Kratomium IPA

World's first Kratom beer, customly made with fresh hops, malty amber overtones, 9 gallons of distilled store bought water and an all extract ingredient list that's made to honestly put you in a chill relaxed mood for this Labor Day Weekend. 2 of these bad boys is guaranteed to mellow you out and leave you feeling rather, in the name of Austin "Danger" Powers, Randy.

One year ago from today I made my first gallon batch with the Brewer Master General him self my old man. I've came a long way over the past year, where I used to make a simple gallon at time with a little pot, but now I have a 10 gallon temperature spicket pot with a 10ft wort chiller and a carboy for easy fermentation and easy clean up. With all that aside I have to say this is one of the most interesting batches I've done.

This is my third 5 gallon brew, ninth over all, and did something special, well actually I did a couple things special or different then the others. First and foremost I put Kratom in my beer. So the FDA is right now in September is trying to outlaw Kratom and put in as a schedule one substance, which in my opinion is ridiculous, also in my opinion I believe the FDA is a corrupt business, which then again I don't know anything about the FDA, but this is the internet and you can post anything in the hell you want. So Anyways, Kratom is a leaf from Southeast Asia that have certain Alkaloids that play on your opioid receptors that reliefs pain and leaves you feeling good.

Now for those that have never taken a opiates/pain pill before here's a good analogy that will let you know how the effects feel. If being drunk is like being in a small wooden boat on bed of warm water, taking opiates is like being in the warm soothing water. Now imagine getting drunk on that boat with a couple of girls having a good time listening to ACDC on a mid summers afternoon and the girls take of there tops and jump in the water. You just got a raise at your job and your birthday is coming up along with Christmas and your team is heading to the championships and your dog was just rewarded with "Good Boy Of The Year" award. Now I'm not saying that this will beer will be guaranteed to do that for you, but then again I'm not saying it won't.

In other words this beer is pretty awesome, it has a low ABV, but you really don't need a high one because of the Kratom effects. The beer is light and crisp with a bit of a bite of hops to it. I could go on and on about how this beer was made and the cool things I did with it, like all distilled water and all extract beer, First time I used a wort chiller and cooled the wort down in like 25 min. I don't know if you have any questions please let me know by sending me a message on the home page cool?

The Brew

  • Style

    Amber Ale

    Malty with a redish hue.
  • Starting Water

    9 gallons

    All Distilled Water. Just keeping record of the amount of water I've started with befroe each brew.
  • Pre Boil Gravity


    Taking the gravity before the boil, to make sure the boil went well.
  • Original Gravity


    The Original Gravity is the specific gravity measured before fermentation. Gravity is the ratio of the density of a sample to the density of water. Basically sugar vs water. OG - FG = ABV
  • Final Gravity


    The Final Gravity is the specific gravity measured at the completion of fermentation. Basically sugar vs water. OG - FG = ABV
  • ABV


    Alcohol By Volume. How much alcohol is in the beer, the higher the drunker you get! This one the math and gravities were a little off.
  • Light Dry Extract (8.0 SRM)


    Excellent light-colored pure malt extract. Use alone for light-colored beers, or with specialty malts to brew beers of all styles. Excellent for boosting gravity and yeast propagation.
  • Amber Liquid Extract (12.5 SRM)

    3lbs 4.8oz

    An excellent choice for beers that depend on rich malt flavors. Amber malt syrup is a composed of pale malt with caramel 60 for a grainy caramel sweetness and Munich malt for increased complexity and fullness. Provides a solid base for Amber Ales, Bocks, Scottish beers, Brown Ales and more. Approximately 10L and 1.036 ppg.
  • Goldings, East Kent

    0.5oz 60min. 0.5oz 10min

    General purpose hops for bittering/finishing all British Ales Aroma: Floral, aromatic, earthy, slightly sweet spicy flavor
  • White Bali Kratom

    25g 60min.

    A tree / leaf rich in Alkaloids and native to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, etc.). Its botanical name is Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is in the same family as the coffee tree (Rubiaceae). The leaves of kratom have been used as an herbal drug from time immemorial by peoples of Southeast Asia.
  • Whirlfloc

    1 Tablet

    Used to clear up the beer.
  • Yeast

    San Diego Super Yeast WLP090

    These microscopic fungi are the mojo in the juice when it comes to Alcohol. They consume sugar, then piss carbonation and shit alchole, then reproduce and do it again.
  • Corn Sugar


    Priming sugar, used finish off the fermination. It's used to self carbonate the beer during bottling.
  • IBU

    I would say about 20.

    International Bittering Units. The measurement of bitterness of the beer ranging from 0 to 100, where 100 is super hoppy.
  • SRM Color Scale


    Number guide to beer color, 0 - 40 Yellow into Black
    color guide
  • Finial Amount

    4ish Gallons

    The finial amount of beer I got at the end of the whole brewing process

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