Beyond Blond

Beyond Blond was my very first beer I brewed along with my dad. It was from the brooklyn brew shop, a gallon kit my girl got for me for christmas earlier that year. When I first told my dad Sarah got me a gallon brew kit, he wrote me about a 7 page note sheet of how to brew beer, lol. I didn't brew it right away, just never had the time really. So it sat in my closet untill he came out to visit for Laborday.

From what I remember, honestly I'm actually writing this in April of 2016, and I brewed this last year, it was a pretty damn cool experience. It was a simple four step process, the mash, the boil, the cool down, and then the fermination. I was super stoked that my Dad, the Brew Master General, was down visiting me in San Diego. He's been brewing beer for a while now in his basement in Grantsville, UT, where the ABV of things can't get above a 3.2%, hence the fact that it's a must to brew your own beer there.

So I really didn't have a clue, what was going on. But my dad was patient and guided the process thourougly. I brought out my day planner and started taking notes of times and tempratures, knowing that I would forget all of what happen as soon as we started drinking that night. I knew from then that I would be taking a lot of notes, becuase I planned on brewing more that just this once. Also I knew that would become a real deal, ...even if it's taken over 5 years to even get started.

We started around 11:30am and didn't get done untill after 3pm. My dad was a pro the whole time, actually he was the one brewing and I was just taking notes and taking pictures, documenting every part of the process. We coarked and stored it around 3:30pm, 1530 for you military types. It was a tough job for such a little bit of beer, like less than a gallon, but in the end it did become worth it.

Two weeks went by, my dad saftly back in Grantsville, it was time to bottle. Of course if I spilt any more than I did I wouldn't have any to drink. However I ended up scoring 7 and a half 16oz bottles. Then back to storing it for another 4 weeks to self carbonate.

It tasted like a hoppy Stella Atrois, my buddy who had a bottle said it reminded him of a La Fin Du Monde a canadan beer that his girlfriend loves. My girl on the other had didn't care to much of it, she's not a big fan of hops, even though she ordered the Hop Bomb and San Diego's beer festivale '14. Geeze.. Anyways it was clear too, and yellow in color. I was supposed to add honey to it during bottleing, but I didn't have any so I threw in some suger cane cubes for priming.

All in all the beer was fine alittle hoppy and clearly not enough.

The Brew

  • Style


    Famously refrenced like a La Fin Du Monde or a hoppy Stella Atrois.
  • Starting Water

    1.5 gallons

    Just keeping record of the amount of water I've started with befroe each brew.
  • Pre Boil Gravity


    Taking the gravity before the boil, to make sure the boil went well.
  • Original Gravity


    The Original Gravity is the specific gravity measured before fermentation. Gravity is the ratio of the density of a sample to the density of water. Basically sugar vs water. OG - FG = ABV
  • Final Gravity


    The Final Gravity is the specific gravity measured at the completion of fermentation. Basically sugar vs water. OG - FG = ABV
  • ABV


    Alcohol By Volume. How much alcohol is in the beer, the higher the drunker you get!
  • 2 Row Substitue


    Grain used in the mash. Used for the sweet flavor of the beer.
  • Hops


    Hops used in the boil. Used for the bitterness of the beer.
  • sugar cubes


    Priming sugar, used finish off the fermination. It's used to self carbonate the beer during bottling.
  • IBU


    International Bittering Units. The measurement of bitterness of the beer ranging from 0 to 100, where 100 is super hoppy.
  • SRM Color Scale


    Number guide to beer color, 0 - 40 Yellow into Black
    color guide
  • Finial Amount


    The finial amount of beer I got at the end of the whole brewing process

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